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Classes Complete!


Today was the final day of our prenatal classes!  It just means that we are one step closer to knowing what to expect when the big day comes.   We talked A LOT about breastfeeding vs formula feeding and I have FINALLY made my decision.  I have been trying to figure out what I would prefer, but after going through all of the information I realized it’s not really about what I prefer for myself, but more so what works best for the baby.  I know to a lot of women it is a personal decision and really none of anyone else’s business, but for me, I don’t mind sharing.  I plan on breastfeeding while I can and then switching when the time is right.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with formula feeding at all (I was formula fed), it was actually what I wanted to do when I first found out that I was pregnant, but with a little bit of time and a lot of information I have decided to breastfeed.  Hopefully there are no complications and the baby can have a healthy and happy feeding every time 🙂

The other information that we touched on were the different types of drugs and pain relievers that will be available to us when the time comes.  As of right now, I do not want to take Demerol or Gravol but I am sure that will probably change when I am in labour.  I am leaning more towards having the epidural as well even though it terrifies me to have that inserted into my spine.  I think it will be beneficial in the long run though.

We touched a lot of how important the dad’s role is during labour and the days afterward.  I don’t think people really understand how crucial this is to the benefit and sanity of the mother.  I also don’t think that people give the dad’s enough credit for what they go through too.  I know the woman is the one who is in pain and has to truly do all the hard work, but that’s what a woman’s body was made for.  Men don’t want to see the woman they love in pain, and hearing how much we hate them for putting us in this position in the first place!  I think everyone should give  a big thank you to the daddy’s and or support person who is there for you every step of the way because it’s not easy.  I am very grateful that I have a wonderful support person who will be by my side during the worst pain yet best pay off in the world!

Anyway, wish me a healthy, happy delivery!


Best Method of Feeding Baby?

Deciding on breastfeeding or formula feeding is something that every pregnant woman must decide on.  I have been going back and forth on what I think will work best for me and little Jason.  I know I want to breast feed right away and go from there, but I would love some input from other moms out there on which method of feeding worked best for you.  Oh and obviously, the third answer is a joke, I don’t actually want to feed my baby like Alicia Silverstone.

Day One Complete!

First Prenatal Class

So we got back from our first prenatal class a few hours ago and guess what?!?  Someone ACTUALLY showed up to teach the class!!! YAY!  They gave everyone the refunds that they promised except to us, so I had to point it out that we have yet to receive our refund…anyway, we eventually got it.  Our class cost $162 in total, plus an additional $20 for parking, which we paid when we were scheduled for our original class last weekend.  They said that they would reschedule our class for this weekend with a refund of $25.  We show up for our class this weekend and we yet again have to pay for parking which is $20.  So I guess our actual refund was $5.  Honestly, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot considering the bullshit that they put us through.

Now about the classes; the first day was very informative and the instructor was very nice.  We watched a few videos about birthing, breathing exercises and different labouring positions, we also did a few of these exercises in class too.  The breathing makes you feel like you are in a movie or something, but I am sure it’s completely worth it when it comes to labour.  The birthing video, I am not going to lie, is pretty gross until you see the baby.  It amazes me that a woman’s body can do this, it is the best thing I have ever seen mother nature do!  Poor Jason though, I thought he was going to pass out or puke or something haha.  He actually covered his eyes when the video showed the afterbirth delivery, and knowing Jason this was probably a very good idea, I truly don’t think he would have been able to make it through that.  I am very grateful for him, but I am also very grateful that I am going to have a second support person in the delivery room when I give birth just in case he needs to sit down or take a walk.

Anyway, I will update you on the progress of the class tomorrow!

What a Feeling

They say a woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out that she is pregnant.  I can honestly say that this was true for me.  Just knowing that everything that I am doing is no longer just for me, but for this life that I am creating made me feel like a mother instantly.  I came across this article of mom’s who were saying when they truly felt like they were moms and it made me wonder what will happen with me and little Jason that will give me this epiphany of “I AM a mother now!”.  I really can’t wait until he is here and I get to experience all of these beautiful things that come along with being a loving mother and wife!

It’s funny because I never thought that I would feel so content at the thought of being a mother and wife.  I always knew I wanted to be both, but it never really hit me how badly until recently.  As a woman with my Bachelor of Arts (History), I always assumed that I would be a hard working career woman, but the way I see it right now is that I can’t wait to be a full time mommy (at least for the time being).

Check the article out if you are interested on what other women said in regards to when they first truly felt like a mother.

time to learn!

prenatal classes @ our local hospital

We are headed to our prenatal classes in about an hour, now I’m really hoping that the nurse actually shows up this time to teach the class.  I swear there will be hell to pay if we have the same thing happen to us this weekend that happened last time!  I still haven’t been able to figure out how the hospital can seriously screw something like that up?!?!   Are they going to forget to schedule a nurse when all of us moms-to-be are in labour??  Seriously, get your shit together Ontario Hospitals!  What kind of people do they have organizing their staff and class on the prenatal floor?!  Enough of my bitching, don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to getting these classes done, I guess I’m still just irritated about the scheduling mix up.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Wall Art

So I have been trying to figure out something that I can make personally for the baby’s nursery when he comes.  I am not a very creative person when it comes to crafts, but I made something to potentially hang up on his wall in the nursery.

I made the letters out of cardboard and fabric that I found in the house.  I will be getting fabric glue to make the letters complete and I will put it on a piece of wood (that I will paint white) and decide from there whether or not I hang it up in the nursery.  Please keep in mind that it’s not complete yet.

Jason Jr.

WTF?! Hand sanitizer? REALLY?!

mmm delicious!

This blew my mind!  I recently heard about this new trend that teenagers are drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk.  There were a handful of teenagers that actually were hospitalized with alcohol poisoning as a result from drinking alcohol that has been made from hand sanitizer.  I remember that it was much easier when I was a teenager to get drunk and NOT almost die!  What ever happened to the good old days where you would ask someone older than you to buy you alcohol, or even use a fake ID??  It’s a lot less dangerous than creating your own alcohol to get drunk…*shaking my head at you teenagers*

Anyway, check out the article if you are interested…

Rules and Regulations?

Jason and I have been going back and forth trying to figure out what type of car seat will be the best and safest car seat for the baby.  Every time I go online I am bombarded with what to do and what not to do; what to get and what not to get; what’s safe and what’s not safe!  Honestly it’s exhausting!  I just recently came across this article that touches specifically on the safety of car seats.

I can only imagine how the moms and dads feel about having to constantly make changes due to the new regulations that are constantly being updated!

Sometimes it feels like every time I turn around there is a new list of all the things that are being done wrong and a giant list of what not to do.  It truly makes me wonder how anyone ever raised a child 50 years ago!  I am aware that the new updates and regulations (for almost everything) are for the safety and best interest of the new beautiful babies in the world but it also gives me a good insight as to why children are the way that they are in this generation.  When I was growing up (which really wasn’t that long ago), it was okay to go outside and play with friends out of the sight of my mother.  There were no cell phones for my mother to keep permanent track of where I was and who I was with, she just had to trust that I would call when I was told to call to check in.  I feel that society is a major factor into why the youth is the way they are now.  With overbearing parents who give their children cell phones, makes it near impossible for the children to ever feel a sense of independence.  A child needs to know that parents can trust them and how can a child feel like that if there are constant texts and phone calls??  If society didn’t scare the shit out of parents and make it so easy to be in constant touch, then maybe there would be more kids being kids and less kids trying to be independent and an adult WAY before they should be!

My hope for the future is that parents keep in mind that trust in your children is essential to their development as they grow into fine young adults!  So put down your cell phone and relax, you have raised good children so believe in yourself and them!

Pregnancy in 90 Seconds

I have loved this since the first time I watched it and I thought it was time I shared with all of you…enjoy! 🙂