My Babies

I just wanted to give you a little introduction to my family so far:


This is Miller, he is my oldest.  I got him about 7 years ago.  He was found on the side of the road as a baby and almost didn’t make it.  With a lot of love and attention, we managed to make this little fragile kitten into one grown up spunky dude!


Saphron was the second to join the family, I found him at a pet store and couldn’t resist!


Lex is actually one of the sweetest animals I own despite the way he looks in this picture!  This is probably my favourite picture of him because he looks SO creepy! lol


This was the day that I brought Princey home.  She is Jason’s cat, so when he moved in, so did she.  She is the friendliest out of all of the other cats when it comes to humans.  She just wants the attention while the others want to do their own thing.


This little man stole my heart the first time I ever saw him.  He was a goofy puppy who couldn’t even walk without bumping into things. This is probably why I loved him to much because he reminded me of myself sometimes lol.  Jackson is almost 3 years old now and still a clumsy pup!


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