So here we are now…

I just started my 29th week and we have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks.  This Saturday (April 7th) is my niece Willow’s birthday and I look forward to celebrating her 3rd birthday with the family! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing.  Well I guess I had better get used to it now shouldn’t I?

We are going to be starting our prenatal classes on April 20th and 21st and I am SO much less anxious just to know that I am enrolled in a class! I was getting SO nervous that I wasn’t going to sign up in time.

Getting the nursery finished is top on our list for April, I am starting to really stress out that we haven’t completed it yet! We have chosen a paint colour and need to pick it up and get it painted.  I will post pictures when we get the room painted and completed!

We are also figuring out what we will be doing for the baby shower.  We want to do a joint party, a baby shower/diaper party which we will be holding on May 13th.  What we need to figure out is how to have all of the people we want to come and how to make sure it’s a good time for all.  So we will also need to register for gifts for the shower very soon (any suggestions).  I’m thinking if any new moms would like to comment on this to let me know what are the must haves for babies that would be a great help!

76 more days!!! ❤


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