Happy Birthday To…

My lovely, beautiful niece Willow!

Today was an awesome day!  We went on a little journey to my brother’s house to celebrate my niece’s birthday!  We took the bus to get to my brother’s house, the bus had a small malfunction though…the hatch on the top of the bus blew right off and scared the shit out of me.  I swear I thought we hit something, I was looking around for damage until I realized what had actually happened!  Needless to say that our relaxing ride to my brother’s small town wasn’t so relaxing.

bus tickets

Jason and I stopped for some food on our journey and the craving of the day was: a poutine — french fries, cheese curds, and gravy


My niece had a few of her cousins over for her birthday and we had some pizza and strawberry cake.  It’s pretty amazing to think of how much she has grown in the last three years, she is so beautiful and little genius!  When I look and think back to when she was born, it blows my mind to see the amazing girl she is now.  Anyway, take a look at the beautiful birthday girl!

Willow the day she was born (3 years ago)

Willow's 3rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world! ❤


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