appointments, waiting, and painting…

So this weekend has been a pretty interesting weekend so far.  Jason and I were registered for prenatal classes this past Friday and Saturday at the hospital where we will deliver our little one and we were SO excited to finally get these classes done and know just a little bit more of what to expect.  We showed up for our class at 7pm and there were  plenty of other couples who were no doubt just as excited as we were to do these classes in preparation for our  little peanuts!  At about 7:30pm everyone was starting to get restless because we were still waiting for the RN to come and teach the class.  As it turns out, our prenatal classes were cancelled and no one from the hospital bothered to call any of us to let us know.  Honestly, we were not too impressed because we worked our schedules completely around last weekend just to have it cancelled!   I did however get a phone call from the hospital today to reschedule our classes for this upcoming weekend, which is great except for having to rearrange our schedules again.  They better hope someone shows up this time, or else there will be hell to pay from a group of angry pregnant women!

This setback gave us the opportunity to paint our nursery though, so that was really exciting to finally have the walls done!  Now we still need to decorate the walls, but here is a little glimpse of the progress so far…

a little art work from mommy and daddy

new colour on the walls of the nursery

Today I went as saw the doctor and I have never been able to understand why they make you make an appointment just to have you wait around for the majority of your day for a 5 minute appointment!  The good news is that everything is growing and progressing nicely.  I’m actually surprised that I haven’t gained more weight. I truly thought that I would gain a ton of weight while pregnant so it’s nice to know that at 7 months pregnant I have only gained 16lbs.  Here’s a new updated photo of the belly progression…

31 Weeks 4 Days!


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