Day One Complete!

First Prenatal Class

So we got back from our first prenatal class a few hours ago and guess what?!?  Someone ACTUALLY showed up to teach the class!!! YAY!  They gave everyone the refunds that they promised except to us, so I had to point it out that we have yet to receive our refund…anyway, we eventually got it.  Our class cost $162 in total, plus an additional $20 for parking, which we paid when we were scheduled for our original class last weekend.  They said that they would reschedule our class for this weekend with a refund of $25.  We show up for our class this weekend and we yet again have to pay for parking which is $20.  So I guess our actual refund was $5.  Honestly, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot considering the bullshit that they put us through.

Now about the classes; the first day was very informative and the instructor was very nice.  We watched a few videos about birthing, breathing exercises and different labouring positions, we also did a few of these exercises in class too.  The breathing makes you feel like you are in a movie or something, but I am sure it’s completely worth it when it comes to labour.  The birthing video, I am not going to lie, is pretty gross until you see the baby.  It amazes me that a woman’s body can do this, it is the best thing I have ever seen mother nature do!  Poor Jason though, I thought he was going to pass out or puke or something haha.  He actually covered his eyes when the video showed the afterbirth delivery, and knowing Jason this was probably a very good idea, I truly don’t think he would have been able to make it through that.  I am very grateful for him, but I am also very grateful that I am going to have a second support person in the delivery room when I give birth just in case he needs to sit down or take a walk.

Anyway, I will update you on the progress of the class tomorrow!


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