Rules and Regulations?

Jason and I have been going back and forth trying to figure out what type of car seat will be the best and safest car seat for the baby.  Every time I go online I am bombarded with what to do and what not to do; what to get and what not to get; what’s safe and what’s not safe!  Honestly it’s exhausting!  I just recently came across this article that touches specifically on the safety of car seats.

I can only imagine how the moms and dads feel about having to constantly make changes due to the new regulations that are constantly being updated!

Sometimes it feels like every time I turn around there is a new list of all the things that are being done wrong and a giant list of what not to do.  It truly makes me wonder how anyone ever raised a child 50 years ago!  I am aware that the new updates and regulations (for almost everything) are for the safety and best interest of the new beautiful babies in the world but it also gives me a good insight as to why children are the way that they are in this generation.  When I was growing up (which really wasn’t that long ago), it was okay to go outside and play with friends out of the sight of my mother.  There were no cell phones for my mother to keep permanent track of where I was and who I was with, she just had to trust that I would call when I was told to call to check in.  I feel that society is a major factor into why the youth is the way they are now.  With overbearing parents who give their children cell phones, makes it near impossible for the children to ever feel a sense of independence.  A child needs to know that parents can trust them and how can a child feel like that if there are constant texts and phone calls??  If society didn’t scare the shit out of parents and make it so easy to be in constant touch, then maybe there would be more kids being kids and less kids trying to be independent and an adult WAY before they should be!

My hope for the future is that parents keep in mind that trust in your children is essential to their development as they grow into fine young adults!  So put down your cell phone and relax, you have raised good children so believe in yourself and them!


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