What a Feeling

They say a woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out that she is pregnant.  I can honestly say that this was true for me.  Just knowing that everything that I am doing is no longer just for me, but for this life that I am creating made me feel like a mother instantly.  I came across this article of mom’s who were saying when they truly felt like they were moms and it made me wonder what will happen with me and little Jason that will give me this epiphany of “I AM a mother now!”.  I really can’t wait until he is here and I get to experience all of these beautiful things that come along with being a loving mother and wife!

It’s funny because I never thought that I would feel so content at the thought of being a mother and wife.  I always knew I wanted to be both, but it never really hit me how badly until recently.  As a woman with my Bachelor of Arts (History), I always assumed that I would be a hard working career woman, but the way I see it right now is that I can’t wait to be a full time mommy (at least for the time being).

Check the article out if you are interested on what other women said in regards to when they first truly felt like a mother.



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