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“All My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready To Go”

Today was a good day!  Not only did I get to see a few of the maternity photos, but I finished getting all of the stuff I need for my hospital bags so I am pretty much ready to go at any time.  I mean, I am prepared for the stay and ready in that sense, but who is truly ready to deliver a baby???  Once the doctor told us that the baby is coming soon it really lit a fire under our asses to get everything done!  I feel SO much more relaxed now that I have everything packed and ready to go so I am not scrambling trying to remember everything when D-Day comes!  Now it’s time for me to kick up my feet an just take a breather FINALLY!  It might actually help with my poor cankles that I have going on right now too lol 

I will update you with photos when my little man arrives! 


Maternity Photos by Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography

Hey everyone, 
On Sunday Jason and I went to get some maternity photos done with my talented sister-in-law Kelly and I must say that I LOVE them!  I really can’t wait for when she does newborn and toddler photos of Junior!  Here are a few photos and if anyone is in the GTA and looking to get photos done you can contact Kelly here:






Coming Soon!


On our last trip to the OB/GYN he reminded me more than once to make sure my bags are pack for the hospital stay and also said that the baby is coming really soon! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!  I am glad he let us know so that I can be a little bit more prepared, but at the same time I am SO anxious and excited to meet my son that it’s almost unbearable!  All I want is a healthy little boy and I can’t wait for the day he arrives!


Pregnancy Pain…


I am half way through week 36 of my pregnancy and my body is killing me!!!  I wake up every morning with intense back pain and a lot of pressure in my pelvis and I know this is common for many women but I am going to whine about it anyway lol.

I was born with Hip Dysplasia which is a condition where the hip is not fully developed and was detected by a “click” sound.  This meant that while I was a baby I had to be in a Pavlik Harness for a long time to ensure that my joints developed properly.

Pavlik Harness

I asked my OB/GYN about this in regards to the pregnancy and if would complicate anything for me.  The doctor told me that if I could make a baby, then I shouldn’t have any problem delivering a baby.  I am choosing to believe this but sometimes I feel like he clearly has NEVER been a pregnant woman experiencing all of the pains that come along with it.  Also, I am wondering if it was the problems that I had as a baby that are affecting me now.  Has anyone else experienced this??

Bottle-feeding and Obesity Risk

I found this very interesting!! good read!

The Science of Mom

A study published this month in Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine looks at the relationship between infant feeding practices and weight gain (1). Breast milk vs. formula? Nope, it isn’t that simple.

Led by Dr. Ruowei Li of the CDC, this prospective longitudinal study tracked feeding and weight gain in 1900 infants during their first year of life. Each month, mothers were asked how they fed their babies in the last 7 days, and from their replies, infants were grouped into the following categories across ages:

  1. Breastfed only
  2. Breastfed and human milk by bottle
  3. Breastfed and formula by bottle
  4. Human milk by bottle only (i.e. exclusive pumping)
  5. Human milk and formula by bottle
  6. Formula by bottle only

The mothers in this study were mainly white, married, and had at least a high school education. A third were on WIC. About 50% were overweight or obese. Statistical methods were used…

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Nursery Updated!

I said that I would keep you posted on the progress of the nursery, so here it goes:

The bedding that we found was incredibly cheap because the store is going out of business.  I am loving the idea of quality things for very reasonable prices;

bedding that we got for only $20

love this blanket


I have heard that this fish aquarium is a life saver for many babies!  I know my friend’s two sons both loved this thing!  Thanks again for the gift Amy! 🙂


The blue, red and white bins were found in a dollar store!  How can you go wrong??

Night stand and lamp

We got this night stand and lamp for $20 combined.  The books were given to us at the baby shower and the Winnie the Pooh box came as a newborn starter kit (with diapers, wipes, change pads and a stuffy included).

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

I haven’t filled anyone in on how the baby shower was yet so I thought that I would get on here and let you know!  It was a huge success that couldn’t have been pulled off if it were not for my amazing girlfriends!

The whole day was off to a rocky start when the lady who owns the restaurant where we held the baby shower called my friend Laura (one of the hosts) and told her that she was not planning on making any food for the day due to the fact that she was not feeling the greatest and her employee did not show up to help.  Laura lives about an hour away from me, and this lady called her at 9am the day of the shower to let her know she wasn’t planning on preparing anything for our guests.  This left Laura VERY little time to prepare food for 50 people herself, but Laura pulled it off amazingly and the food was incredible!!

Another thing that was very upsetting was that the same owner of the restaurant had the nerve to get angry that all of the guests weren’t buying alcohol.  The second that I walked in she started yelling at me in front of all of my guests and was actually getting angry at my guests for not spending money on refreshments.  It was a Sunday afternoon between 1-4 when we held the shower and not all of the guests had arrived by that point, but yet she still felt the need to make a scene.  She also said that she was closing the restaurant down for our private party, but there in the middle of everyone who I know and love was a family who I have never seen before.  Honestly if it were not for our party and the people who did eventually want alcohol she wouldn’t have made any money.  The restaurant is a small family run place and never really all that busy and I think that she made a horrible mistake treating my guests and myself the way that she did.  No one wants to go back there.  The smart thing to do would have been to make it an enjoyable time for everyone so that there would be customers coming back, but out of those 50 people no one would go back there for a good time.

Danielle, Laura and Bree were AMAZING at keeping everything going and everyone having a good time.  The decorations, games, food and all around good time that we had made the rough start to the day disappear like none of it ever happened!  I honestly don’t know what I would do without those amazing friends of mine.

I think the most amazing part about the whole day was seeing how many people already love our baby.  He has SO much love for him already and it warms my heart more than I can even describe! ❤

$4 Day!

So today I spent $4 and couldn’t be happier about it!  First, I found a coupon for a free pizza slice at Pizza Pizza which was awesome considering I have loved pizza throughout this pregnancy (even with the heartburn)! I did spend $2 on a drink though.  Then I was at the 7Eleven and they were giving away mini bags of Doritos (3rd Degree Burn) so I obviously took advantage of this. These chips were actually really good.  They were VERY hot, but VERY delicious.  Silly me decided to eat them without anything to drink and I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone who may possibly have a little bit of a sensitive mouth like myself.  


I remembered that I had a gift card for Babies R Us, so we decided to take a little trip there to pick up a few of the last minute items that we need for the baby.  We ended up getting a great deal on a diaper genie so that went on the gift card. We had to spend an extra $2 for taxes on everything though.  

We were hungry again, so we used another gift card that was given to us at the baby shower for some Swiss Chalet 🙂 and honestly that was the best Swiss Chalet I have had in a VERY long time!  I don’t know if it was actually the best tasting Swiss Chalet, or if it is my pregnancy, or simply because we were having a great day, but none of that matters because it was delicious!

Now I know my diet today has sucked large, but I swear it was worth every single bite of it all!

Belly Update!

Here is an updated photo of my lil man growing big and strong!  I am getting SO excited to meet him, and at 35 weeks pregnant that day is coming fast!  I actually finally started to pack my hospital bag and picked out a few outfits to bring for him.  It is incredibly hard to choose clothing for him when there are so many cute little outfits that we got at our baby shower.  I think I might have over packed for him, but I can’t help it!  I guess that options are better than nothing, right??

35 Weeks!

Virtual Addictions Going Too Far!

I read this article today about a 22 year old woman who killed her 3 month old son because he wouldn’t stop crying while she was trying to play Farmville on Facebook.  According to the article the baby was crying and she got fed up and shook him, had a cigarette and shook him some more.  This disgusts me!  How the hell can anyone be SO fucked up that they would kill their own baby for the sake of playing an online game?!?  I understand wanting to spend a certain amount of time on the computer doing things such as checking facebook, playing games, blogging, etc, but NOTHING should EVER come before taking care of your child!  People today need to get their heads out of their asses and smarten the hell up!

Here is a link to the article if you are interested: