Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Now I know I am a day early, but I thought I would wish everyone a happy mother’s day!  Tomorrow will be SO busy with the baby shower and celebrating baby Jason, that I think many people might forget about their moms on their special day.  I brought my mom a cupcake to her work today and had lunch with her.  I know it’s not anything extravagant but I love my mom and she knows it, I just wanted to surprise her with something nice 🙂

Jason surprised me today too.  He bought me my first mother’s day presents!  He bought be some cupcakes and remote control cars for us to race around the house!  I must admit that I really love this because I have been craving chocolate since the beginning of my pregnancy AND because he got toys that we can both play with.  Now, even though my grandmother says that I’m not a mother until I have the baby, I still feel like I am and I still love the fact that Jason thought of me today!

Mother’s Day Cupcakes!

These were delicious!  I have to admit that I have eaten 2 so far in less than a few hours though lol


We had so much fun racing these cars around even though the cats were terrified!  The poor things just run and hid on high ground lol

Mine is the Ferrari and Jason’s is the Charger.


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