Baby Shower

Baby Shower

I haven’t filled anyone in on how the baby shower was yet so I thought that I would get on here and let you know!  It was a huge success that couldn’t have been pulled off if it were not for my amazing girlfriends!

The whole day was off to a rocky start when the lady who owns the restaurant where we held the baby shower called my friend Laura (one of the hosts) and told her that she was not planning on making any food for the day due to the fact that she was not feeling the greatest and her employee did not show up to help.  Laura lives about an hour away from me, and this lady called her at 9am the day of the shower to let her know she wasn’t planning on preparing anything for our guests.  This left Laura VERY little time to prepare food for 50 people herself, but Laura pulled it off amazingly and the food was incredible!!

Another thing that was very upsetting was that the same owner of the restaurant had the nerve to get angry that all of the guests weren’t buying alcohol.  The second that I walked in she started yelling at me in front of all of my guests and was actually getting angry at my guests for not spending money on refreshments.  It was a Sunday afternoon between 1-4 when we held the shower and not all of the guests had arrived by that point, but yet she still felt the need to make a scene.  She also said that she was closing the restaurant down for our private party, but there in the middle of everyone who I know and love was a family who I have never seen before.  Honestly if it were not for our party and the people who did eventually want alcohol she wouldn’t have made any money.  The restaurant is a small family run place and never really all that busy and I think that she made a horrible mistake treating my guests and myself the way that she did.  No one wants to go back there.  The smart thing to do would have been to make it an enjoyable time for everyone so that there would be customers coming back, but out of those 50 people no one would go back there for a good time.

Danielle, Laura and Bree were AMAZING at keeping everything going and everyone having a good time.  The decorations, games, food and all around good time that we had made the rough start to the day disappear like none of it ever happened!  I honestly don’t know what I would do without those amazing friends of mine.

I think the most amazing part about the whole day was seeing how many people already love our baby.  He has SO much love for him already and it warms my heart more than I can even describe! ❤


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  1. Your host did an amazing job

    • there were three of them and they all did SUCH a great job at turning everything around and focusing back on the baby! I couldn’t ask for better friends! 🙂

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