These Faces Make My Day

my lil men

my lil men

This seems to be something I can only manage to do every few months or so and for that I will stop apologizing because anyone who has children (especially two boys) under the age of 5 will completely understand why I hardly have a chance to blog.  Working while being a mom is much more difficult than I could have imagined.  I miss them every day and I hate that it feels like I am missing so much of them growing up into the adorably, frustrating, intelligent, bossy, moody, hilarious, sweet little boys that they are.  I know that there are going to be many, many years of watching them grow into fine young men so I do not regret my choice to be a working mom, however my sleep deprived self may disagree slightly.  I miss those days when I actually had time to take a long shower and spend time getting ready for the day making sure my outfit was nice and my makeup was perfect and now I’m lucky if I can put mascara on while running out the door.  I just wanted to pop into the blog world and say ‘hello’ again because it really is few and far between when I will actually get a chance to catch up with everyone else and give a little update on my family.


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