Anyone who lives in the GTA knows just how difficult this week was for a family who is going through the unthinkable.
A three-year-old boy named Elijah Marsh died after he wandered outside in the extreme cold and was found without a pulse, near Bathurst Street and Highway 401, on Thursday morning.  I watched the news live from work with a very, VERY heavy heart and I just couldn’t shake away the pain that I felt for his family.  What got to me the most was what that sweet little boy must have gone through outside in the cold like that.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to post about this until today because this story really hit home for me because my boys are around the same age and I know how crafty and determined they are when they put their minds to it.  I have attached some of the news pieces if you would like to take a look.  Please let this be a reminder to always double check all of your locks and child safety locks and just go and give your babies (no matter how old they are) a big hug and kiss.

Elijah Marsh

Elijah Marsh




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  1. Yeah this is heart breaking. 😦

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