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1 Second Per Day

I love videos like this! I wish I had have done things like this with my boys because it feels like I just blinked and then they grew up!



Anyone who lives in the GTA knows just how difficult this week was for a family who is going through the unthinkable.
A three-year-old boy named Elijah Marsh died after he wandered outside in the extreme cold and was found without a pulse, near Bathurst Street and Highway 401, on Thursday morning.  I watched the news live from work with a very, VERY heavy heart and I just couldn’t shake away the pain that I felt for his family.  What got to me the most was what that sweet little boy must have gone through outside in the cold like that.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to post about this until today because this story really hit home for me because my boys are around the same age and I know how crafty and determined they are when they put their minds to it.  I have attached some of the news pieces if you would like to take a look.  Please let this be a reminder to always double check all of your locks and child safety locks and just go and give your babies (no matter how old they are) a big hug and kiss.

Elijah Marsh

Elijah Marsh

These Faces Make My Day

my lil men

my lil men

This seems to be something I can only manage to do every few months or so and for that I will stop apologizing because anyone who has children (especially two boys) under the age of 5 will completely understand why I hardly have a chance to blog.  Working while being a mom is much more difficult than I could have imagined.  I miss them every day and I hate that it feels like I am missing so much of them growing up into the adorably, frustrating, intelligent, bossy, moody, hilarious, sweet little boys that they are.  I know that there are going to be many, many years of watching them grow into fine young men so I do not regret my choice to be a working mom, however my sleep deprived self may disagree slightly.  I miss those days when I actually had time to take a long shower and spend time getting ready for the day making sure my outfit was nice and my makeup was perfect and now I’m lucky if I can put mascara on while running out the door.  I just wanted to pop into the blog world and say ‘hello’ again because it really is few and far between when I will actually get a chance to catch up with everyone else and give a little update on my family.

Where Does the Time Go?

I keep going MIA from the blogging world.  Honestly, I have no idea how time can pass by me so quickly and I barely even notice.  So since my last blog, my youngest son has turned one, learned how to walk and had quite the little attitude on him.  My oldest son has become a little independent man who approaches life like there is nothing that he can’t handle.  He is really smart, knows his number and abc’s and his vocabulary gets increasingly impressive with every passing day.

Yesterday was my birthday and my husband and my two boys made it very special with flowers and homemade birthday cards. My oldest son won’t stop singing me “Happy Birthday”, which is pretty awesome because it reminds me of the times in my life where I would take days, if not a week, celebrating my birthday.

Birthday cards from my boys!

Birthday cards from my boys!

I was worried that I would have a hard time turning 29 considering it is the last year of my twenties but there was really nothing to worry about.  The way that I have spent the last half of my twenties is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I have had two beautiful babies, found my soul mate, and moved into a much bigger house.  I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  So thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday and last few years incredibly special.

The Guilt of Being a Working Mom

I wake up in the morning to two of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen and I am greeted with tired eyes and sleepy smiles and I think to myself how lucky I am to have such amazing children.  We get our breakfast and get dressed for the day and then I am plagued with enormous guilt that this will be the only time that I get to see my boys for the day because I will be headed off to work while they stay at home with their daddy.  My job is unfortunately not a 9-5 and the majority of my shifts really cut into my time with the boys.  A lot of the time I only see my boys for a few hours a day because of the hours I am scheduled and I feel lucky if I make it home before their bed time so that I can give them a bath and put them to bed.

I want to be able to provide what I can for my children and when I initially went back to work it was to give my poor brain a rest from constant baby talk and sesame street.  Now, I long for the days when the three of us would watch tv in my room and just spend time together, or the days where we went for a walk to the park, or reading time.  I just feel like I am missing out on a lot of big moments with them and it hurts my heart.  

Is this a common problem among working mothers?  If so, what do you do to maximize your time at home with your children?  What sorts of activities do you do? 


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe Halloween!!! It was Lincoln’s first Halloween and we dressed him up as a dragon (this was Jr’s costume from last year) and Jason Jr went trick-or-treating as HULK!  Halloween is my favourite holiday and we had a lot of fun doing things with the kids this year.  I am REALLY looking forward to taking both of the boys out trick-or-treating next year because by then Lincoln will be able to actually join in on the fun.

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013

We carved some pumpkins earlier this week and Junior had fun playing with all of the pumpkin guts, maybe next year he can pick a design to put on the pumpkin.  This was something that was fun for the whole family.  My sister came with her boyfriend, my mom came with her long time friend and this was Jason’s first time carving a pumpkin EVER!!! I couldn’t even tell you the last time that I carved a pumpkin, I seriously don’t remember (which is noticeable in our final product haha)

too much candy...or beer maybe?

too much candy…or beer maybe?



Some people looked at me a little bit weird this year when I was out with HULK.  Do you think he is too young to take out?  I figure that if I choose to let my boy have some chocolate and candy then that is my prerogative and other parents shouldn’t judge.  I saw a couple tonight who took their baby (probably a couple of months older than Lincoln) out trick-or-treating and I thought it was cute!! We all know that the candy is for them and not the baby, but why should anyone try to take away a new parents joy from celebrating a first holiday with their child??

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Halloween with friends and family!

p.s. I will remember to NOT give either of my boys candy before bed…and this pic will be my reminder…

Hyper Junior

Hyper Junior

The Crazy Life of a Mom

So it has been almost a year since I have made a post and I would like to take the time to explain why.  Everyone tells you that you will be busy when you become a parent and this is definitely true, I don’t think I have ever had more work to do in my entire lifetime than I have had being a mother.  The thing that no one ever could explain to me was just how truly gratifying it is.  People have always talked about the meaning of being a parent and how proud they are of their children and I always knew I wanted this in my life and now that this IS my life now, it still feels surreal.

I love my son more than life itself and couldn’t be more proud of the little toddler he is becoming and the milestones that he reaches, yet somehow I keep hoping to god that I am raising him properly.  I wish more people talked about the fears they have that come along with being a mother.  I am constantly hoping that I am doing right by him, is he getting all of his nutrients?  Should he be forming fuller sentences by this age?  Does he understand just how much we love him?  Is there anything more I should be doing that I haven’t been doing?  These are just some of the things that cross my mind on a daily basis.  I know these fears (along with a whole new list of fears) will be in the back of my mind as he is growing older and there isn’t much I can do but believe in myself that I have and I am doing the right things for my son.

Jason Jr can now say a bunch of different words, he started crawling at 7 months and walking by 10 months.  He is fully of energy and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better first born!

Jason Jr's first birthday!

Jason Jr’s first birthday!

This past June was Jason Jr’s first birthday and I honestly had no idea how much fun it would be to decorate the house and spoil him rotten until the day happened!  He was the sweetest boy 🙂

Another reason I have been MIA this past year is because along with taking care of my toddler, I was busy growing another little human who was born this past July.

Jason Jr holding the ultrasound photo

Jason Jr holding the ultrasound photo

When we found out that we were expecting another baby, we couldn’t have been happier (even though it was a little unexpected)!  Of course my Fiance and I are a little too impatient and NEEDED to know the sex of the new baby.  Well when it came time to find out the sex they told us that we were having a GIRL!  We were SO excited to be having a little girl, the million dollar family as they like to call it.  I had another ultrasound after that one, and they confirmed once again that we were having a girl.  I have heard that they can make mistakes sometimes when they say the sex is a girl so I felt pretty confident in them after them telling me the same thing a second time.  We chose the name Lorelai Rose.

I really wished I had have kept up with the blog during my second pregnancy because it was COMPLETELY different than the first.  To sum it up short and sweet, I was MISERABLE lol.  I guess getting pregnant within 3 months of having a baby didn’t agree so much with my body.  My morning sickness was everyday, all day sickness and the last 2 months of my pregnancy were agony.  The baby’s head was pressing on my left hip making it near impossible to move let alone chase around my running 10 month old.  I kept my fingers crossed every single doctor’s appointment that the baby had moved (even if it was just slightly).  NO LUCK!  FINALLY I couldn’t take the pain anymore and I bought a yoga ball.  I spent one night on it doing pregnant yoga exercises and the next day the pain wasn’t completely gone but it did feel much better.  Doing the pregnant yoga actually helped move the baby’s head off of my hip and also helped the baby move into position for labour.

JULY 19 2013 — A beautiful healthy baby was born.  To our very big surprise, a beautiful healthy baby BOY was born.  We were definitely NOT prepared for a boy.  In the months leading up to the baby’s birth we stocked up on VERY girly clothes and got rid of Juniors old clothes that didn’t fit him any longer.  Thank god for good friends, who brought me a bunch of boys clothes while I was in the hospital!  We named him Lincoln.

Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln Alexander

I take one look at him even to this day and I couldn’t imagine having any other baby than him!

So THIS is why I have been missing for awhile.  I hope you can understand and forgive me!   I look forward to sharing my experiences and struggles of motherhood of these two beautiful boys!

love so true and a rose for you…

Honestly, what girl doesn’t love getting flowers for no reason every once in awhile?! I know I love it! It’s something that I think every guy should remember to do for their ladies.  What ever happened to the days when men would hold the door open for women and women would like it?  Now, I think some men (the ones who have manners) would love to do this for women, however, I have seen where women actually get offended by these polite gestures.  My advice to these women is to take the stick out of your ass and just enjoy someone doing something nice for you!