In The Spirit of Returning to the Blog World….

Vote for Jason and Lincoln

Vote for Jason and Lincoln

I was hoping you all could take the time to click the links below and vote for both Jason Jr and Lincoln in the 2013 Gerber Generation Photo Contest.  The winner of this contest will receive a $2000 RESP for higher education!  So please help my boys get there!

You can vote once a day until October 27th 2013, so get there and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! ❤

My boys and I <3 xoxo

My boys and I


The Crazy Life of a Mom

So it has been almost a year since I have made a post and I would like to take the time to explain why.  Everyone tells you that you will be busy when you become a parent and this is definitely true, I don’t think I have ever had more work to do in my entire lifetime than I have had being a mother.  The thing that no one ever could explain to me was just how truly gratifying it is.  People have always talked about the meaning of being a parent and how proud they are of their children and I always knew I wanted this in my life and now that this IS my life now, it still feels surreal.

I love my son more than life itself and couldn’t be more proud of the little toddler he is becoming and the milestones that he reaches, yet somehow I keep hoping to god that I am raising him properly.  I wish more people talked about the fears they have that come along with being a mother.  I am constantly hoping that I am doing right by him, is he getting all of his nutrients?  Should he be forming fuller sentences by this age?  Does he understand just how much we love him?  Is there anything more I should be doing that I haven’t been doing?  These are just some of the things that cross my mind on a daily basis.  I know these fears (along with a whole new list of fears) will be in the back of my mind as he is growing older and there isn’t much I can do but believe in myself that I have and I am doing the right things for my son.

Jason Jr can now say a bunch of different words, he started crawling at 7 months and walking by 10 months.  He is fully of energy and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better first born!

Jason Jr's first birthday!

Jason Jr’s first birthday!

This past June was Jason Jr’s first birthday and I honestly had no idea how much fun it would be to decorate the house and spoil him rotten until the day happened!  He was the sweetest boy 🙂

Another reason I have been MIA this past year is because along with taking care of my toddler, I was busy growing another little human who was born this past July.

Jason Jr holding the ultrasound photo

Jason Jr holding the ultrasound photo

When we found out that we were expecting another baby, we couldn’t have been happier (even though it was a little unexpected)!  Of course my Fiance and I are a little too impatient and NEEDED to know the sex of the new baby.  Well when it came time to find out the sex they told us that we were having a GIRL!  We were SO excited to be having a little girl, the million dollar family as they like to call it.  I had another ultrasound after that one, and they confirmed once again that we were having a girl.  I have heard that they can make mistakes sometimes when they say the sex is a girl so I felt pretty confident in them after them telling me the same thing a second time.  We chose the name Lorelai Rose.

I really wished I had have kept up with the blog during my second pregnancy because it was COMPLETELY different than the first.  To sum it up short and sweet, I was MISERABLE lol.  I guess getting pregnant within 3 months of having a baby didn’t agree so much with my body.  My morning sickness was everyday, all day sickness and the last 2 months of my pregnancy were agony.  The baby’s head was pressing on my left hip making it near impossible to move let alone chase around my running 10 month old.  I kept my fingers crossed every single doctor’s appointment that the baby had moved (even if it was just slightly).  NO LUCK!  FINALLY I couldn’t take the pain anymore and I bought a yoga ball.  I spent one night on it doing pregnant yoga exercises and the next day the pain wasn’t completely gone but it did feel much better.  Doing the pregnant yoga actually helped move the baby’s head off of my hip and also helped the baby move into position for labour.

JULY 19 2013 — A beautiful healthy baby was born.  To our very big surprise, a beautiful healthy baby BOY was born.  We were definitely NOT prepared for a boy.  In the months leading up to the baby’s birth we stocked up on VERY girly clothes and got rid of Juniors old clothes that didn’t fit him any longer.  Thank god for good friends, who brought me a bunch of boys clothes while I was in the hospital!  We named him Lincoln.

Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln Alexander

I take one look at him even to this day and I couldn’t imagine having any other baby than him!

So THIS is why I have been missing for awhile.  I hope you can understand and forgive me!   I look forward to sharing my experiences and struggles of motherhood of these two beautiful boys!

and I am back!

Hello readers,
First I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog again! I know it had been a long time (4 months) since I have posted anything but I have been spending my days getting to know my beautiful baby boy, Jason Jr.

2 Weeks Old

Everyone tells you that the time flies when you have a baby but honestly I had no idea that it would go by this fast. We have been through countless onsies, diapers and shoes that already no longer fit him! I look at him today and wonder already where the time has gone. He went from a very sleepy (and SO WELL BEHAVED) newborn to a very active happy baby. All of the milestones that he will reach within the next year are completely exciting and I can’t wait to share them with you. So far, the milestones that he has reached have been lifting his head up very well during tummy time (he has always been good at this), holding his own bottle, sitting well on his own, grabbing his feet, teething, etc. I love that every day he surprises me with something new and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Happy Halloween!

Today was his first Halloween!! He was dressed as a dragon today and I have to admit I thought he looked pretty damn adorable! He wasn’t feeling 100% because he had to have his second round of shots today 😦

dragon and daddy

Oh there he is making some noise, so I will update you later! Thanks for reading!

A Week Late…but Jason James has arrived!

I may be posting this a week late, but on June 28th at 2:14 pm I was finally introduced to my little 7lb 11oz baby boy who we named Jason James!  The second he was in my arms I realized what other mothers were talking about when they talk about the instant love that you feel when you see your newborn.  I have never felt anything like it and it is the MOST AMAZING FEELING!  It’s so true that you don’t know what love truly is until you hold your newborn for the first time.

Introducing Jason James Jr.

I love this mommy thing, even though I am still getting used to it.  With this being my first child, I know I am bound to make a few mistakes here and there but so far I feel like I am getting the hang of it.  I did luck out with a really great baby though.  He is such a laid back baby and pretty much only cries when he’s hungry or wants to be changed.  How did I get so lucky?!

mommy and JJ

Proud Parents! ❤

The delivery process was a little bit intense.  I went into the hospital for a non-stress test because I was about a week overdue and they also did an ultrasound which showed that there was very little amniotic fluid around the baby.  They decided that they were going to induce and that I wasn’t going anywhere until he was born.  About 16 hours later they broke my water and 6 hours after that my little man had been introduced to the world!  All my body needed was a little push and then it did the rest of the work fairly quickly.

I am really looking forward to all of the new life changes that come along with mommy-hood and I can’t wait to embrace all of the good and bad.

Here are a few more photos of the love of my life:

Proud Momma!

My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came over for a little visit and we got some great pictures of the kids holding Jason that I just had to share!

Cousin Willow and Baby Jason

Cousin Toby and Baby Jason

And to finish things off today here’s a candid photo of Jason with his daddy:

Daddy and Junior!

Thank you everyone for your interest in our growing family, I will keep you updated with the trials and tribulations of raising a son that I assume is going to be just like his daddy! lol


So I am still waiting for the arrival of my little bundle of joy and with every passing minute I get more and more excited  at the thought of bringing him into this world!  The doctor said that if I don’t have him by next week then they will schedule an induction so please keep your fingers crossed that I have him soon!  I don’t have much else to add at this point so I thought I would leave you with a few more photos from our maternity shoot!  Enjoy:

The Doc Says Soon and I’m Still Waiting…

The doctor did say that the baby was coming soon and I am not going to lie, I got really excited!  Every little ache and pain I think is labour lol.  The problem with my excitement is that I am wondering if I’m over analyzing EVERYTHING now!  I am SO anxious and excited to meet my son, but at the same time I don’t want him to come any sooner than he is ready to.  Anyway, I added a little bit to the nursery so enjoy and take a look:



“All My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready To Go”

Today was a good day!  Not only did I get to see a few of the maternity photos, but I finished getting all of the stuff I need for my hospital bags so I am pretty much ready to go at any time.  I mean, I am prepared for the stay and ready in that sense, but who is truly ready to deliver a baby???  Once the doctor told us that the baby is coming soon it really lit a fire under our asses to get everything done!  I feel SO much more relaxed now that I have everything packed and ready to go so I am not scrambling trying to remember everything when D-Day comes!  Now it’s time for me to kick up my feet an just take a breather FINALLY!  It might actually help with my poor cankles that I have going on right now too lol 

I will update you with photos when my little man arrives! 

Maternity Photos by Kelly Rawlinson Creative Photography

Hey everyone, 
On Sunday Jason and I went to get some maternity photos done with my talented sister-in-law Kelly and I must say that I LOVE them!  I really can’t wait for when she does newborn and toddler photos of Junior!  Here are a few photos and if anyone is in the GTA and looking to get photos done you can contact Kelly here:






Coming Soon!


On our last trip to the OB/GYN he reminded me more than once to make sure my bags are pack for the hospital stay and also said that the baby is coming really soon! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!  I am glad he let us know so that I can be a little bit more prepared, but at the same time I am SO anxious and excited to meet my son that it’s almost unbearable!  All I want is a healthy little boy and I can’t wait for the day he arrives!


Pregnancy Pain…


I am half way through week 36 of my pregnancy and my body is killing me!!!  I wake up every morning with intense back pain and a lot of pressure in my pelvis and I know this is common for many women but I am going to whine about it anyway lol.

I was born with Hip Dysplasia which is a condition where the hip is not fully developed and was detected by a “click” sound.  This meant that while I was a baby I had to be in a Pavlik Harness for a long time to ensure that my joints developed properly.

Pavlik Harness

I asked my OB/GYN about this in regards to the pregnancy and if would complicate anything for me.  The doctor told me that if I could make a baby, then I shouldn’t have any problem delivering a baby.  I am choosing to believe this but sometimes I feel like he clearly has NEVER been a pregnant woman experiencing all of the pains that come along with it.  Also, I am wondering if it was the problems that I had as a baby that are affecting me now.  Has anyone else experienced this??