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A Week Late…but Jason James has arrived!

I may be posting this a week late, but on June 28th at 2:14 pm I was finally introduced to my little 7lb 11oz baby boy who we named Jason James!  The second he was in my arms I realized what other mothers were talking about when they talk about the instant love that you feel when you see your newborn.  I have never felt anything like it and it is the MOST AMAZING FEELING!  It’s so true that you don’t know what love truly is until you hold your newborn for the first time.

Introducing Jason James Jr.

I love this mommy thing, even though I am still getting used to it.  With this being my first child, I know I am bound to make a few mistakes here and there but so far I feel like I am getting the hang of it.  I did luck out with a really great baby though.  He is such a laid back baby and pretty much only cries when he’s hungry or wants to be changed.  How did I get so lucky?!

mommy and JJ

Proud Parents! ❤

The delivery process was a little bit intense.  I went into the hospital for a non-stress test because I was about a week overdue and they also did an ultrasound which showed that there was very little amniotic fluid around the baby.  They decided that they were going to induce and that I wasn’t going anywhere until he was born.  About 16 hours later they broke my water and 6 hours after that my little man had been introduced to the world!  All my body needed was a little push and then it did the rest of the work fairly quickly.

I am really looking forward to all of the new life changes that come along with mommy-hood and I can’t wait to embrace all of the good and bad.

Here are a few more photos of the love of my life:

Proud Momma!

My brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came over for a little visit and we got some great pictures of the kids holding Jason that I just had to share!

Cousin Willow and Baby Jason

Cousin Toby and Baby Jason

And to finish things off today here’s a candid photo of Jason with his daddy:

Daddy and Junior!

Thank you everyone for your interest in our growing family, I will keep you updated with the trials and tribulations of raising a son that I assume is going to be just like his daddy! lol